Blockchain Project Wants to Make Coronavirus Test Kits More Accessible

The novel coronavirus crisis warrants the use of many interesting technologies. Blockchain has been touted as a possible solution, as more and more companies begin to explore this particular option.

There are many ways to handle certain aspects of the coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus Testing and Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology may offer a helping hand, when used for the right reasons.

Telos and Genobank are now joining forces to handle the testing for COVID-19.

A new application will be developed on Telos, known as Agerona.

The application will give users access to low-cost testing for the coronavirus.

All data is recorded on the Telos blockchain, but in an anonymous manner.

As such, users can share their results with their healthcare provider if they think it is necessary.

If everything goes according to plan, the new application will be ready for use later this month.

Through Agerona, users can also locate testing kits to purchase.

Creating such a one-stop solution for the coronavirus is very ambitious, but also necessary.

There has been a growing demand for more accessible coronavirus testing.

That being said, it remains to be seen how viable it is to source test kits and let the masses try to get their hands on them.

Another intriguing example of using blockchain in a time of crisis, assuming it proves to be achievable.