Blockchain is the Solution for Bloggers? is There to Prove It

Youtube is more popular than TV in the USA. According to 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV and YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day. This means that advertising with bloggers is more popular than ever, especially native advertising. Native advertising is when something is promoted so subtly that the viewer doesn’t separate it from the content.

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Where can advertisers find bloggers? On different platforms, most of which are exchanges or agencies and their functionality is paid. However, there is an alternative on the market as well —

Efir is an international p2p marketplace that connects players of bloggers native advertising market with IT startups. It’s the only platform with free bloggers search engine and access to database of more than 170k Youtubers with at least 20k subscribers each from all over the world.

And those Youtubers together with advertisers, advertising agencies, PR specialists need QZs — tokens emissioned by Efir. Why? Simply because they can’t properly interact and collaborate without Blockchain.

Let’s look deeper into the topic.

There are several problems that hamper the development of bloggers native advertising market.

First of all, high commission for international money transaction which makes working with international bloggers expensive for advertisers. Moreover, as bloggers are not professional advertisement makers they often leave advertisers dissatisfied with the result of their work. That’s why Efir has started Decentralized Production — a project that connects bloggers with media specialists who can share their experience and organize paid workshops and lessons for bloggers. International participants will face the same problem as advertiser when it comes to money.

This problem will be solved by using Blockchain in order to make an international transaction free of any extra charges. But Blockchain is also about transparency and fair deals. The recipient will get the payment only after all the conditions have been fulfilled. That’s why it’s beneficial for the other market players as well and Efir provides services for them too.

For example, bloggers advertising is more about PR than direct sales so it’s important for PR specialists to be able to assess the emotional influence that a video will have on the viewers. It’s possible to do with bloggers PR quality assessment service by Besides, Efir has started parsing Youtubers in different languages and analyzing what they are talking about. Analytics by Efir can forecast trends and help stay up-to-date with social moods. Access to both these services can be bought in QZs.

All in all, is an essential platform for native advertising market development. Its cryptocurrency — QZs — will facilitate the financial side of the relationships between market players and services for them will create extra demand around it.

Efir has already collected 1250 ETH during Private and Pre token exchange and now is starting the main token exchange stage.

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