Blockchain is about to Revolutionize the Trillion Dollar Travel Industry

Cryptocurrency has been the central force of a lot of innovations these days. Since the time Bitcoin started the trend of cryptocurrencies, there have been several crypto coins launched . One such innovative crypto coin that has been thinking out of the box is XcelTrip coin. In fact, it is set to disrupt the travel industry by leaps and bounds. How will it disrupt the travel industry? Let us check out the details in this post.

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XcelTrip is set to Disrupt The Travel Industry

Well, working out your travel plans has been a great experience for long. In fact, XcelTrip is an online travel platform that works full time. More than that, it is a Decentralised Travel Ecosystem in its entirety. Besides providing you a one-stop solution for your travel needs, it lets you travel at the lowest costs.

Before getting into more details, let us first check what XcelTrip is all about.

What Is XcelTrip?

XcelTrip is a start-up based in California and works on a Blockchain based travel service. The company has been working on the decentralized travel ecosystem since 2015. It launched the full-fledged service in 2018.

XcelTrip has been an innovative company in its own right. It aims at being the first ever decentralized travel ecosystem. It will be more than a travel firm. It has plans to make itself interactive in every right. It will change the way you have been traveling today or even in the future ahead.

How Does It Work?

XcelTrip has the entrepreneur and blockchain expert Hob Khadka as its founder. It is set to make its beginning through traditional mode of functionality. Initially, the service will run in a traditional mode.  It will slowly use the Blockchain mode while in operation. Soon,the service will change into a full decentralized Blockchain based travel platform.

XcelTrip is planning to bring up a unique experience to the travelers. The vision will empower the travel partners like hotels and consumers for a peer to peer style of collaboration. This will reduce the costs. The travel plans include what the travelers actually look forward to in their travel plans and itineraries.

A Few Features That Would Make XcelTrip A Unique Approach

Well, XcelTrip is determined at making your travel plans completely seamless and fun filled. Use of Blockchain technology would make it both secure and personal in all possible ways. It will be using Blockchain as the base for the travel plans and travel bookings. In fact, we are very well aware that Blockchain technology adds a high degree of security to your transactions.

A few features that would make XcelTrip an excellent approach would be –

  • Get access to millions of options properties and pricing.
  • World class service with several flight options to thousands of destinations.
  • A well-planned customer service through the XcelTrip decentralized travel managers.
  • XcelTrip also offers you access to mobile apps. The mobile apps would make booking your hotel accommodation and flight bookings.

The XcelTrip platform has planned to keep the consumers engaged through a host of options and benefits. XcelTrip plans to offer nightlife, restaurants, and other adventure events like hiking to its customers.

The Future Ahead and The Roadmap

Well, XcelTrip has plans to transform completely into a Blockchain based decentralized platform. But, it will not be doing it right away. Making the beginning as a completely decentralized modus operandi may not be that easy. XcelTrip too does not treat it workable.

That probably explains its approach. It will begin through the traditional methods. And then keep implementing the Blockchain based features. It will become a Decentralised Travel Ecosystem(DTE) in the days ahead.

The Blockchain based model will be beneficial for both travelers and partners. In fact, it calls even the travelers as its partners and considers part of XcelTrip family. It will offer a distributed model of sharing the benefits. Each of the business partners will be able to get a part of the economic model – either in the form of savings or earning.

The Concluding Thoughts

Innovation and thinking out of the box – that is how we introduced XcelTrip in this post. Truly, it lives up to this definition. Though not completely a decentralized model as things stands as of now. We would definitely expect it to become a disruptor and change the way we traveled.


The service has also launched the mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. This is set to improve your experience across platforms. More features are being added soon. We would definitely look forward to an enhanced experience with XcelTrip.


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