Once Again Experiences Issues

For the umpteenth time in history, seems to be experiencing server issues. Even though this visual representation of the blockchain has nothing to do with the status of the Bitcoin network itself, their wallet service is affected as well. As a result, consumers can not send, nor receive transactions, as accessing the wallet will result in an error message. This is especially frustrating for one Reddit user who is waiting near a Bitcoin ATM waiting for funds to confirm.

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It goes without saying that any digital currency user should not rely on a third party wallet provider that holds your funds. is not only a wallet provider, but they are also one of the most convenient Bitcoin block explorers available to the world today. As a result, their servers regularly struggle to keep up with the growing demand, to much chagrin of Bitcoin users around the world.

At the time of writing, the mobile wallet is completely unusable, and the website is loading very slowly, with occasional IP ban messages appearing. Keeping in mind how this is one of the most often used platforms and API providers, things are steadily going from bad to worse with this company.

Not too long ago, similar issues were reported, and has a long history of minor outages and server issues throughout the years. The scalability discussions seem to extend well beyond the Bitcoin block size, as companies such as will need to come up with solutions to scale their services as well.

For one Reddit user, this most recent downtime is a cause of great concern. Standing by a Bitcoin ATM and waiting for a transaction to confirm on the network can take up valuable time. But when that transaction is coming from the mobile wallet, things go from bad to worse, as the transaction appears to be completely stuck. Or to be more precise, no other block explorer is finding the transaction.

The only solution is to wait until comes back online and properly broadcasts the transaction to the network. Needless to say, this situation causes a lot of unnecessary frustration, and people are getting fed up with this lackluster service. needs to setup up their game and come up with a service that works around the clock without excuses.

Source: Reddit

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