Blockchain Games Need a Hybrid Play Model to Retain Users

In the cryptocurrency world, users are always looking for ways to make money by whichever means are most convenient. Playing blockchain games has often been dismissed as a fad, but it seems to be a viable option to explore regardless. 

There are many blockchain games and dApps for users to explore today.

Hybrid Gameplay is the Future for Blockchain Games

Not all of them succeed in achieving user retention after the first few weeks, however. 

In the case of Ethereum-based games, it seems as if the overall interest is a lot greater. 

Several games provide collectibles and other blockchain-based assets to explore.

In some cases, the games will evolve into a new system to attract more users.

Axie Infinity seems to fall into this category, as it now lets users earn Ethereum and DAI for playing the game.

Similar to most other collectible and breeding-oriented games, there is only so much money to be made.

Investing more time may yield better chances of making money, although that is not an option for everyone to explore.

Even so, Axie Infinity shows that just being a collectible and breeding game isn’t sufficient.

It currently has its own Windows desktop app, as well as mobile versions waiting to be explored.