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There are various types of Bitcoin games in the world today, albeit the ones available on mobile devices in the form of an app will have a better chance of success. SaruTobi, for example, is a very popular Bitcoin game for iOS users all over the world. But it looks like there is a new competitor on the block, as Blockchain Game rewards users with Bitcoin for building the largest blockchain.

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Blockchain Game For Apple Users

TheMerkle_Bitcoin Blockchain Game

Unfortunately for Android users, the Blockchain Game is not available for them at the moment. The developers have released the game for iOS only, and there is no indication an Android version will ever see the light of day. That is, unless this app becomes incredibly popular over the next few months, so there is no need to despair just yet.

The objective of Blockchain Game is pretty straightforward: players have to build a blockchain by stopping the next block at the right time and position. The longer their blockchain becomes, the bigger rewards they will earn. All of these rewards are paid out in Bitcoin and will be sent to the address specified in the user’s profile.

Blockchain Game may look very simplistic, but it can prove to be quite a challenge. Timing and good hand-eye coordination are critical to make your blockchain as long as it can be. However, the game itself is not overly challenging, allowing anyone in the world to play it relatively quickly, yet mastering Blockchain Game will be something else entirely.

In a way, one could say Blockchain Game acts as a Bitcoin faucet, considering how players are rewarded with small amounts of digital currency. Additionally, there seems to be a play limit in place, allowing users to create a new blockchain every hour. Some people might see this as a limitation, yet it can also be perceived as a perfect game to play during a quick break.

It is up to the individual user as to how “fun” they would rate Blockchain Game. The objective will always be the same, and the game might get a bit repetitive over time. However, the monetary rewards will ensure players pick up the game again as they want to earn some more bitcoins. Do keep in mind that, while signing up, the app will ask you for an email address. It remains unknown as to why this is needed, so make sure to enter a spam email account and err on the side of caution.

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