Blockchain Food Project TE-FOOD Partners With HALAL TRAIL

Te-Foods has announced a partnership with Halal Trail, UK based food company.

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The partnership will facilitate bringing fresh food from farm to table, prepared according to halal guidelines.

Halal Trail trials 2 projects before expanding globally

Halal trail will use TE-FOOD tech for two pilot projects in June. The food traceability solutions will be used to track chickens and lambs in Lancaster, Tunbridge Wells, and Manchester, UK. The project will serve as a proof of concept, to be used as a reference for global implementation later down the road.

TE-FOOD tracks 12,000 pigs, 200,000 chickens, and 2.5 million eggs daily. 2018 is the first time the company will begin tracking cattle, fish & seafood, fruits, and vegetables.

Halal food in great demand by largest religion

With nearly 2 billion Muslims, this partnership has a possibility of impacting over a quarter of the world’s population. Islam is also the fastest growing religion today, meaning more and more people will be looking for halal food as time goes by.

The sheer size of population looking for halal food contribute to estimates saying global halal food markets will reach a value of $2.55 trillion by 2024.

Halal trail will be able to provide food traceability and quality verification services unmatched by other competitors, due to the immutability of the blockchain. Thanks to processes developed specifically for the company, Halal Trail will be able to provide depth of data never seen before.

The processes include a top-to-bottom solution for supply chain companies that utilizes physical identification materials, a B2B mobile app, as well as another application for consumers that allows them to check history of food they want to buy.

This will allow the UK enterprise to capture a large portion of the market, as Muslims continue to seek reliable and certified sources of food.

Part of TE-FOOD’s plan for global expansion, this collaboration will help launch the blockchain project forward. TE-FOOD has been in operation since launching in Vietnam in 2016. Since then, the blockchain food company has grown to serve over 6000 businesses, including to food companies like Auchan, AEON, LOTTE Mart, CP Group, and Big C.

The food tracing market is expected to reach $15.1 billion by 2021, with CAGR ranging from 5.5-8.7%. The growth rate is highest in Asia-Pacific regions at 16.7%, meaning TE-FOOD is in a strategic position to capture growth coming in the next few years.

Benefits of food tracing for non-Muslims

Currently reaching 30 million people and handling more than 400,000 transactions daily, the food traceability solution not only benefits those looking for halal approved foods, but those conscious of where their food came from.

Consumers looking for free-range meats, fair trade products, organic/ non-GMO vegetables, can all benefit from better food tracking solutions. This also holds companies accountable, ensuring that their foods will live up to claims.

Food tracing can also prevent foodborne diseases from spreading, which are responsible for the hospitalization of 700 million people and 400,000 deaths annually.

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