Blockchain Event 2016 Will Touch Upon Interesting Subjects

There are plenty of events going on in the world of Bitcoin and blockchain these days. The Blockchain Event, which takes place in Las Vegas between July 18th and 21st, is one of those conferences very few people seem to have heard of. Despite that, they offer some interesting topics and panels that are worth attending.

The Blockchain Event 2016 Overview

As is the case with nearly every event focusing on Bitcoin technology, some recurring topics are on the agenda. Interestingly enough, the event will be kicked off by a Blockchain 101 keynote session, followed by “All About Blockchains”. This particular panel will focus on Money over IP, and features representatives from Coinsecure, Netki, and Crypto Media Hub, among others.

Such an event like this would not be possible without inviting some of the biggest names in the Bitcoin industry. Overstock’s Judd Bagley will join Rik Willard, Joshua Scigala, and others on a topic about The Future of Banking. Internet of Things is also getting some positive attention, with a panel taking place on the first day.

No conference in the blockchain space would be complete without focusing on regulation and venture capitalists. It will be interesting to see how the Regulation & Compliance panel sees the future of blockchain. It is good to see a VC panel during The Blockchain Event 2016 as well, as this remains a major source of funding for Bitcoin and blockchain companies.

On the second day, things are taking a different turn, with more focus on developing new tools. Dapps, building the distributed web, and Crypto 2.0 are all topics being touched upon throughout the day. There is also an exciting panel about blockchain applications for the entertainment and media industry.

During the final day of the event, there is nothing but workshops for blockchain developers. Block Event 2016 attendees who have no affinity with coding can check out the exhibits until 1:30 PM. This is a very brief day, as the conference ends in the afternoon as well. Make sure to check out the website for more information.

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