Blockchain-Based Platform Becomes a B2B Disruptor

Unlike job seekers who market their expertise on LinkedIn in the hopes of landing a dream job, in the B2B world buyers and sellers don’t have a platform where they can connect with other companies to establish partnerships, get a fair shot at closing profitable deals and build trust.

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Even though the B2B marketing spending in the US is worth $76 bln, companies still spend too much time connecting with potential partners. Negotiations take months before parties can agree on a contract. In the long-run, companies lose time, resources and money. The difficulty in spotting viable buyers and sellers, restricted financial transparency and inefficient B2B marketing and advertising pose challenges that should be addressed.

On the verge of disrupting the B2B industry with Blockchain

The conventional B2B model lacks both transparency and consistency. In today’s digital realm, it’s nearly impossible to vet new buyers and sellers, and set them apart from companies that take the easy way out. Before closing a deal or signing a contract, corporations spend a considerable amount of time deciding whether or not a potential partner can be trusted. Most of them can’t establish a personal connection because they can’t put a face to a chosen brand.

To facilitate B2B buyer/seller interaction and guarantee transparency, Blockchain technology provides conspicuous benefits. Because businesses need a see-through platform where they can meet, negotiate, and build a productive relationship, TraDove was developed to disrupt the traditional B2B industry. The new business model brings companies together in a virtual space where a company’s reputation is verified and qualified.

Seamless international trading with Blockchain

Backed up with Big Data and AI technologies, TraDove uses smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain to develop the next generation of the B2B platform. Before being able to connect and interact with buyers and sellers, companies have to go through a verification process. Upon successful completion of the ICO, TraDove’s end goal is to become a B2B 2.0 ecosystem where companies can collaborate, advertise and market their products and services in on secure, transparent social network.

B2Bs have become accustomed to waiting around for other companies to contact them. Many are fully aware that time is money, although they know the system is faulty. Unlike B2Cs that reach customers through platforms like Facebook, Google, eBay and others, B2Bs are unable to crack a business-oriented environment where opportunities create other opportunities.

A decentralized one-stop-shop for international trade

With an already proven business model in place, TraDove aims to become a decentralized B2B ecosystem where companies across the globe can interact with each other seamlessly in the same place. BBCoin is the official TraDove token that users can leverage to facilitate B2B precision advertising, empower buyer/seller interaction, and recommend seller products/services to other buyers.

With BBCoins, companies can create ads targeted at their buyer personas, therefore matching what they provide with the needs and wants of the buyer (who get BBCoins in exchange for their interaction with the ads). Whether BBCoins are earned or bought, holders can use them on TraDove to execute other B2B advertising or marketing activities, including leveraging the tokens as a global payment system for completing trades.

Eliminating third parties when completing payments is yet another benefit of the TraDove platform. This way the B2B industry is challenged by a business model that provides low-cost, seamless transactional operations that strengthens business relationships.  

TraDove’s unique value proposition goes beyond concept

TraDove prides with more than a value proposition based on concept. With over five years of experience in the B2B industry, the company has established, mature website in place with 250,000+ corporate users and over 100,000 active companies (out of which 200+ are Fortune 1000 companies) on board. Blockchain industry specialists and experienced business advocates are contributing to fulfilling TraDove’s vision to become a high-end decentralized B2B platform powered by Blockchain.

Former CFO of Morgan Stanley Phil Duff, former group VP of General Motors Gary Cowger, former CEO and Chairman of Bank of America Richard Rosenberg and others, have contributed to raising the first $4 mln in funding. In the first stage of the TraDove pre-sale, the company raised $8 mln. Phase two is up and running with a current crowdfund of $4 mln and counting. The listing price is $0.12 for one BBCoin at a minimum order of 2,000.