Blockchain-Based Decentralized Advertising Marketplace Thrive Takes on Big Players

The development team behind Thrive, a decentralized Blockchain-based ad marketplace, is planning to compete against dominant service providers within the global advertising industry like Google AdSense/AdWords by automating the complex process of advertising revenue distribution.

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Often, revenue shares, advertisement margins, and rates (CPM, CTC, etc.) are not transparently provided to content creators as accessible data. Consequently, it has become significantly difficult for content creators, whose livelihood depend on advertisement revenue, to plan ahead potential revenues and profits to finance their operations and daily activities.

Through the usage of blockchain technology, the Thrive platform is able to ensure full transparency, data security, safety and consumers remuneration.

Transparency and data security are two advantages of a blockchain-based network which centralized platforms like Google AdSense and Amazon Advertising cannot provide. It is the immutability of blockchain technology and its cryptographically encrypted network that enables every piece of data to be accessed as public information.

Innovative ways in managing the consensus,  transactions grouping to better manage temporary storage and avoid platform flooding,  anti-bot proprietary algorithms which use comparative behavioral models, blockchain segmentation to facilitate the storage in device with limited memory are the main technological breakthrough Thrive Platform  is putting on the table to establish the first “Marketing oriented” blockchain in the industry.

“High speed transaction, data security and low gas cost is what the marketing industry needs. For the first time, both Publishers and Consumers that are willing to voluntarily share anonymous data, will get monetary rewards. Something that everyone today is unconsciously already doing for free.” the Thrive team explained.

More importantly, with Thrive, content creators will not experience similar issues they have had on platforms like YouTube, wherein content is unfairly demonetized. Recently, demonetization of content on major platforms has become a serious issue for both content creators and advertisers, as more than 50 percent of their revenues were eliminated overnight.

As a venture, Thrive is targeting a rapidly growing market in digital advertising. The total addressable market of Thrive is nearly $310 billion, and if it can establish itself as a key service provider within the market, it will be able to evolve into a leading advertising marketplace.

“Digital advertising spending worldwide – which includes both desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile devices was estimated to be 198.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2016. This figure is forecast to constantly increase during the coming years, reaching a total of 310 billion U.S. dollars by 2020,” added the Thrive team.

Thrive is attempting penetrate into the global advertising market by creating a network on which advertisers and content creators can seamlessly integrate digital ads on a peer-to-peer manner, without the interference of intermediaries and third party service providers.

Ultimately, within a peer-to-peer ecosystem, both parties in the advertiser and content creator benefit from deduction in costs, as a large chunk of digital ad revenues that were previously sent to the platform operator or third party service provider is eliminated.

The token sale or initial coin offering (ICO) of the Thrive token (THRT) begins in less of 40 days, on February 15, 2018.
53% percent of the total supply of THRT (106 Million THRT) will be sold during the token sale. Unsold token will be burned.
Once the platform is live the overall token supply is going to decrease at every transaction, since Thrive will destroy a part of its earned fees. This will ensure the utility coin value is appreciated over time the more the platform is used.
The initial pricing per THRT will be $0.3, and the dynamic hard cap of the token sale will be set at $30 million.
Private seed with 100 ETH min contribution is already available until end of January for private investors, business angels and VCs.
In the meanwhile, all contributors can already reserve public pre-sales tokens ensuring a 30% bonus. Stay tuned joining the Thrive Telegram Live Chat.