Bitvest Review

There are various types of Bitcoin faucets in existence, some of which will offer rather large rewards to its users. Bitvest is a faucet as well, although the site owner has turned the website into a  hybrid faucet and casino for Bitcoin users. Even though this platform launched close to half a year ago, this platform has never gotten much media attention for some reason. Time for a review of what Bitvest has to offer, wouldn’t you agree?

Bitcoin Faucet With Big Rewards

Originally advertised as a Bitcoin faucet, Bitvest has become a much more versatile platform altogether. Even though the Bitcoin faucet aspect is still available on the website through the left-hand menu, it is not the main selling point of Bitvest anymore. But it is good to see this platform stay true to its roots and offer some free play money for first-time visitors.

One of the things most Bitcoin faucet platforms lack is engaging content to keep the user on the site. Instead, there are usually tons of advertisements in the hopes of earning some money back as a website owner. Bitvest has found a way to serve both their own needs and dispense some cash to users, by tieing a casino/gambling service to the Bitcoin faucet.

But there is something else people need to know about the Bitvest faucet, as it is the highest paying Bitcoin faucet available today. Users can earn up to 2,500 Satoshi every minute, which is quite a significant amount compared to other offerings. This creates an incentive to keep users on the website for extended periods of time. However, the faucet is [currently?] paying out tokens, instead of Satoshi. These tokens can then be converted to a Bitcoin balance, or used to place bets.

Rather than making people rich, though, Bitvest hopes to entice visitors to spend their Bitcoin faucet earnings on the platform as well. In doing so, they create a self-sustaining ecosystem, as most users wagering their faucet earnings will wager them away. Some users will earn even more money from the game too, though.

The Bitvest Game

This brings us to the gaming aspect of Bitvest, which is a Bitcoin drop game. There are two types of use cases for this game: either you play, or you invest. Players place their bets, and if they win, they are paid out by the investors. Investors collect all of the profits minus a 1.15% fee on every bet.

While this game seems to be quite interesting, it does not attract too much attention from investors or players by the look of things. For a service that has been around for nearly six months, there is very little activity on the Bitvest platform. Even the chatroom only has five people in it most of the time.

All of the gaming results are provably fair, which has become the standard among Bitcoin gambling platforms these days. Additionally, Bitvest seems to be open to US users as well, which is becoming rarer as of late. All in all, Bitvest looks like an interesting platform, but investing or depositing funds is always a gamble.

Bitvest does not provide any information regarding the owner of this website on their page nor in the WHOIS records.


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