BitUniverse – A Crypto Portfolio Tracker Like No Other

Given the evolution of the digital currency market in the last couple of months, portfolio trackers have become a must-have service for crypto investors throughout the world.

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BitUniverse represents an innovative portfolio tracker, available on Android and iOS, which gives users access to a wide variety of features designed to make managing crypto assets easier, while also increasing profit margins and investor efficiency.

The platform has been built on top of five pillars, which also represent BitUniverse’s main features. These are the crypto portfolio (which allows user to check their holdings, prices and profits), professional data (presented visually through candlestick and pie charts), real-time ticker (supporting over 170 exchanges and more than 5,000 coins), sync from exchange (allowing users to automatically track their portfolio via API data imports), and lastly, timely alerts (customizable notifications based on changes in prices).

BitUniverse has become quite popular as it’s the only service in the world to offer complete asset management, even beating out leading apps like Blockfolio. This means that users can add all of their wallet addresses and also track mined coins, assets on exchanges, ICOs, airdrops, and fiat to get a balanced overall picture of their crypto finances.

The API integration allows data on assets alongside transaction history to be pulled automatically from exchanges. Do keep in mind the fact that data is read-only, thus security is ensured. The same principle applies for assets inside wallet addresses, a feature that is unavailable on similar platforms.

Some of the other exciting services offered by BitUniverse include, but are not limited to:

  •       Quick price updates every 2-4 seconds;
  •       24/7 Telegram-based customer support;
  •       Fully-customizable alerts that notify users when coins exceed or drop below a certain target price;
  •       The ability to track and sort coins via their market caps;
  •       A UI designed with ease-of-use in mind that offers pie charts, candlestick charts and more;
  •       A built-in Ethereum ERC-20 wallet available on Android, a feature that remains unavailable on BitUniverse’s competitors;

It is important to point out the fact that BitUniverse is still in development, which is actively influenced by user feedback. In the future, the app plans to add a couple of more services, such as multiple portfolio management, advanced alerts, order-book details and more.

For more information about BitUniverse, feel free to check out their website, or try the app out on your iOS/Android device.