BitTorrent Token Price Keeps Bleeding Value as Overall Interest Wanes

When BitTorrent Token was first introduced to the masses, it seemed as if people were trying to obtain it as quickly as possible at any given price. Fast forward to today, and BTT fails to make any real headlines, primarily because the BitTorrent Token price has remained uber bearish since its launch. Even today, further losses are recorded, and it seems unlikely any positive changes are to be expected.

BitTorrent Token Price Remains in the Dirt

For a token which was pumped pretty hard when it initially launched, BTT failed to captivate an audience for very long. In fact, this market has been on the decline for several weeks now, with no real improvements on the charts ever since. As this downfall continues unabated, one has to wonder if the token will disappear into obscurity in the coming months. Things may never become that dire, but it seems unlikely the market cap will double or triple anytime soon.

Over the past few hours, the BitTorrent Token price has lost another 1.65% to drop to $0.000766. The BTT/BTC ratio remains under pressure, as the 15 Satoshi level may not hold for very long. In terms of BTT/TRX, things are not looking good either following another 1.21% drop. There is no indication this market will rebound anytime soon, which will undoubtedly worry some BTT holders and speculators.

There are some positive and prominent developments which can effectively help the BitTorrent Token market survive a while longer. The Atomic Wallet team is organizing an airdrop for all TRX holders using their service. Bringing more tokens into circulation can easily trigger even more bearish pressure for BTT, but it is commendable to see these distribution campaigns take place on a regular basis.

Rodge_Amsterdam, who has seemingly never been a big fan of BitTorrent Token, is confident the project is dying. He also advises users to effectively buy an alternative currency as it is the “next emperor”. When people on social media call out coins to be “dead”, there is always a genuine chance the market in question will see some sort of rebound at one point. As far as BTT is concerned, a rebound would be welcome to traders, but it seems nigh impossible these days.

Tron Fam tries to keep the hope alive where BitTorrent Token is concerned. Although there is always a chance this market is a sleeping unicorn, its chances of success have diminished significantly due to launching without a working ecosystem. Even so, Tron Fam expects millions of users will be exposed to BTT, which can have some interesting price-oriented consequences. Mainstream adoption of BTT seems unlikely to materialize this year, but one never knows what may come next.

When looking at the bigger picture, it is evident BitTorrent Token hasn’t benefited from any of the recent price surges other markets have gone through. Instead, it has continued to lose value all across the board, with no improvements in sight. It seems to hold its own as far as trading volume is concerned, but that is virtually all that is working in this market’s favor right now. A rough road remains ahead, for rather obvious reasons.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.