BitStake Leading Bitcoin Trading Into A New Era ?

Bitcoins critics are quick to point out its quirks and irks when trading with the currency. However the BitStake trading platform is out to put a end to all that providing a unique and secure platform to match the needs of the everyday trader and even the seasoned trader.

Whilst remittances might be the main product for others there is the trading platform. While in a early stage of development the trading engine currently accepts Bitcoin, BitStake and Nigerian Nairas. On first glance the engine may look slightly empty but under the hood technologies have been used to provide a complete and seamless experience. With the order book buzzing with activity all data is updated in real time providing traders with trigger fingers various opportunities to make profit along the way. 

Currently there are various ways to take advantage of the tools provided by BitStake to turn over a profit. Even if you are not a seasoned trader this advice still applies but carries the same risk as any other advice and investor will give. Trading is a risky business where losses can ruin your financial state so this advice is to be taken with a pinch of salt. With that out of the way lets get down to basics. Simple principles of economics are still applicable to Bitcoin markets and the buy low sell high rule is no exception. This is the simplest way of turning over but the graphs provided over on the BitStake engine should help you to see any patterns and help predict and pitfalls. The order book was next on my hit list and it too becomes a valuable resource in the hands of the experienced. Seeing the selling pressure and buying movements can help to predict in conjunction with daily highs and lows, when and where to strike as if the prices are nearer to the higher end and sell orders have a large volume it may be a moment to consider when to pull out. On the other hand seeing low prices are also to be taken advantage off as a low price often becomes the signal for a small movement upwards as the market follows the natural pattern for correction.

Whilst many will be bewildered and stick to holding bitcoin, which is a good investment in its own right, the trading engine at BitStake may entice you for a occasional spot of trading. With trading made transparent and simple there’s no reason to deposit a few Nairas and make some money.










To conclude whilst remittance aspect of the BitStake platform has been its driving force since its launch, the trading platform also associated with the brand has become a jewel in its own right. Providing the essentials needed to profit and providing the tools to hone your skills , the trading platform has developed into a neat utility. BitStake are committed to providing the complete package to a trader and from first glance its not looking too shabby when compared to the likes of Bittrex. However the bigger the platform grows the more problems it will encounter, but the staff have proven themselves as talking one staff member allowed me a small peak into the friendly and co operative atmosphere you can expect when dealing with BitStake.


Disclaimer : Any investment advice given here is solely advice, any losses incurred following the advice are your sole responsibility and occasionally losses may be encountered due to the nature of Bitcoin as a digital asset. Always trade with caution.


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