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There are many different types of Bitcoin platforms in existence, most of which try to offer something entirely different. Bitpremier is a marketplace, but not just any kind of platform of its kind, as it is only intended for luxury items. Among the listings are some exotic listings such as 4×4 Jeeps, luxury penthouses, and even a DeLorean. But how is this platform shaping up regarding credibility and reliability?

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BitPremier – Bitcoin Marketplace For A Different Crowd

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When looking at the BitPremier website, it becomes crystal clear the items for sale are not for the average Bitcoin enthusiasts. The wide variety of listings – ranging from cars to condos and apartments – can be listed in the luxury department, although there is the question of how legitimate these listings are.

According to the BitPremier FAQ, all of the submissions are reviewed and verified by the BitPremier team. Once the item is approved, the item is listed in the appropriate section, which is done free of charge. However, there will be a 5% transaction fee when a successful sale occurs on the platform.

While users should take into account they need to register an account; it is possible to bid on any listing by submitting anonymous interest. Both parties will remain anonymous until the terms of every transaction are finalized, and BitPremier will act as the intermediary. Funds will be held in escrow until the buyer confirms delivery of the item.

Making useĀ of the BitPremier platform means users will have to go through an extensive AL and KYC verification procedure, to avoid money laundering attempts or illegal transactions. Given the average item value of the listings on this platform, that only seems normal, as there plenty of items listed with a value of more than US$2,500 each.

While all of that may sound fine and dandy, there are a fair amount of negative reviews to be found on the Internet. Various users are claiming they are unable to get a listing up on BitPremier. However, there are a few hundred listings up on the platform right now, and the anonymity factor is making it rather difficult to tell who is selling these things exactly.

Keeping in mind how the company is founded by Alan Silbert and has the backing of Digital Currency Group, Gyft, TradeBlock, and various other companies, there seems to be no indication to think anything wrong is going on with this platform. The company has gotten a good amount of press coverage as well.


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