BitPay Plans Latin America Expansion With Jim Aviles

BitPay is not only the world’s leading Bitcoin payment processor, but they are also on a mission to bring digital currency to consumers and merchants around the world. Now that Jim Aviles has joined the company as an Advisor, Latin American growth for BitPay seems to be the number one priority.

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Jim Aviles Has Financial Experience In Latin America

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Some people may have heard the name Jim Aviles before, as a co-founder of Merchant e-solutions not too long ago. That company has since been acquired by the leading payment processor in Latin America for several hundred million, and it will be good to having this man’s expertise directing BitPay to make a bigger name for itself in the region.

BitPay Advisor Jim Aviles told the media:

“The financial services industry has been shifting and continues to shift to a technology driven industry – and this shift is accelerating rapidly. Our whole industry – the entire way we find and consume these services – is being less driven by the banks that are available and increasingly driven by the technology available to us.”

Bitcoin is a force to be reckoned with, and the attention on this digital currency has not gone by unnoticed. Financial experts and industry leaders have taken an interest in the concept of Bitcoin, as well as the underlying blockchain technology. Banks simply have been pushed to the back of most people’s minds in Latin America, and there is no better time than now for Bitcoin to make an impact in that region.

That is easier said than done, though, as the future of Bitcoin needs to be shaped through new platforms and services to make the digital currency more appealing and accessible to both consumers and merchants in Latin America. Relevant applications have to be decided upon and having someone on board with 28 years of financial experience can prove to be invaluable for BitPay.

As much as Bitcoin enthusiasts would like to see digital currency take over the world’s economy as we know it, that process will take time. Bitcoin is only seven years old, and the ecosystem has grown into something a lot of people never thought possible. But there is no time to look back, as all focus has to be directed to the future. For BitPay, that future seems to lead to Latin America

Source: BitPay

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