BitFury joins fintech group and pays the $15,000 membership fee in bitcoin

According to recent reports, it seems like BitFury, the blockchain infrastructure provider and transaction processing company has joined Innovative Finance, a company meant to promote the fintech scene in the United Kingdom.

When invited to join Innovative Finance, BitFury reportedly stated that they would only do so, if they would be allowed to pay the associated membership fee via bitcoin. Once this request was made, Innovative Finance accepted, considering the fact that they are a fintech company, and they have to ‘practice what they preach’.

Based on this, BitFury paid a total of 37.55 BTC to Innovative Finance, which translates to roughly $15,000, via Coinbase’s bitcoin exchange platform. This makes BitFury the first company to join the group, which has paid its membership via bitcoin, hence making a step forward in promoting the digital currency.

In a recent interview carried out by Business Insider, BitFury stated that: “This technology, while having a myriad of other uses, allows users to transfer currency using bitcoin in a secure and fast way. Because of these benefits, BitFury seeks to make payments in bitcoin whenever possible. The bitcoin blockchain is receiving increased attention for its potential to secure financial services, so as a member of Innovate Finance, BitFury hopes to bring an understanding of bitcoin and blockchain to the other members and to the fintech industry as a whole.”

To put things better into perspective, Innovative Finance is an independent membership association founded in 2014, which strives to represent and promote the UK’s FinTech community. At this moment in time, MasterCard, IBM and Visa members count amongst some of the company’s founding partners.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you personally think about BitFury joining Innovative Finance, and paying the membership fee via bitcoin? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Source: Business Insider