Bitfinex Platform and Mobile App Receive Significant Updates

Bitfinex is one of the most popular Bitcoin exchanges in the world, and the developers have recently unveiled their latest batch of updates for the platform. New security features have been added, and the Bitfinex app underwent some minor changes as well.

The Latest Bitfinex Updates

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Any Bitcoin exchange in the world needs to take platform security into account, and Bitfinex has been working on some new security features its users will enjoy. First and foremost, there is a new security which lets users lock all withdrawals for 24 hours. Additionally, the user will receive an email warning whenever a new IP address logs into the account itself.

Secondly, Bitcoin exchange users need to have two-factor authentication enabled by default and tho who do not might want to update their settings as soon as possible. If two-factor authentication would be disabled by someone logged into the account, the Bitfinex user will receive an email detailing this particular change.

Bitfinex has also added a notifications page, where users can see their selection of notifications. On the same topic, two new notification sounds have been introduced, and users can set up separate sounds for partial and full order executions. All in all, very useful changes and most of them seem to be based on user feedback.

Several new minor changes were made as well, such as the additional of a language preference setting in the Account page. Bitfinex has also moved several settings around, and the book depth visualisation performance has been improved significantly. Several minor bugs were squashed as well, all of which will attribute to a better overall user experience.

Last but not least, the mobile Bitfinex app received some updates too, such as a reduced number of pin attempts before locking out the user. Moreover, a USD equivalent balance is finally available to all mobile users, which has been in the works for quite some time. Given how the Bitcoin price is usually displayed in USD to begin with, such a feature is paramount.

Source: Reddit

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