Bitcoin Web Hosting Service Review – GlowHost

Web hosting companies can attract a lot of new customers by adding Bitcoin as a payment option. Several major providers have done so already, including GlowHost. The company offers shared hosting, streaming services, dedicated servers, and more. In addition, customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive for this particular hosting service.

GlowHost Offers A Lot Of Hosting Options

Web hosting providers are a dime a dozen, but the ones accepting Bitcoin are a bit more difficult to find. GlowHost was among the first to embrace cryptocurrency payments for their hosting services. Customers can pay for shared, premium, business elite, and reseller hosting with Bitcoin. Their competitive pricing makes them a top market contender for sure.

Shared hosting plans start as low as US$4.95 per month. Depending on the user’s needs, these plans can offer up to unlimited disk space and bandwidth. All hosting plans come with Cloudflare protection, which is an absolute must in this era of DDoS attacks. All packages come with CloudLinux and CPanel access.

Premium business plans are a bit more expensive and range between US$69.99 and US$75 per month. Users can choose between a semi-dedicated hosting or cloud server plan, and add or change features as they see fit. Custom configurations are possible as well and will be taken care of by contacting the GlowHost staff.

GlowHost operates multiple data centers all over the world. The vast majority of servers are located in North America, but they also have a presence on every other continent. In fact, the company prides itself upon their 16 high-quality data centers. This global presence allows the company to offer the best speed and performance solution for individual customer’s needs.

One thing that stands out is how GlowHost is very keen on offering environmentally friendly hosting. The company reduces its carbon footprint by powering off non-critical workstations. Additionally, they cut out paper-based billingĀ and replaced them with electronic forms of communication. Their data centers use well water for cooling towers and advanced heat pumping systems to recycle warm air as a way to heat employee space during the winter.

Reviews for GlowHost are quite positive as a whole. It is not easy to find the right web hosting company that suits your needs, but GlowHost seems to check all of the right boxes. Some people may run into some issues along the way, and it will be up to the company’s support team to help users out as quickly as possible. From what we can tell, the team does a good job in this regard, but your mileage may vary.

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