Bitcoin VPS Service Review – VPSNine

VPSNine prides itself on offering a Linux VPS server that can be deployed in less than one minute. No one likes to wait around for their hosting to be set up, particularly when a VPS server is involved. They also accept Bitcoin and offer a 14-day no questions asked money back guarantee. But can it hang out with the big guns?

Quick Activation And Cheap Plans Are A Good Start

Looking over the VPSNine website, it becomes apparent that the company is not trying to do a lot of different things in a half-assed manner. However, they offer Linux VPS servers, which can be deployed very quickly. Plus, the company claims they can guarantee 99.9% uptime at all times, which makes for quite a promising product.

Plans range from US$9 per month all the way to US$135 per month, making VPSNine one of the cheapest providers in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The most extreme plan comes with a quad-core CPU, 8GB of ram, and 600GB of bandwidth. There is no unlimited data transfer for these plans, but considering their pricing, this is not entirely unexpected.

VPSNine’s servers are located in multiple regions around the world, including North America, Asia, Europe, South Africa, and New Zealand. It is interesting to note that the company offers both IPv4 and IPv6 functionality for most locations. (Although they are upfront about this, these places are not equipped with this functionality.) Plus, they list the current ms times for all servers depending on one’s current IP location, which is a nice touch.

It is interesting to note that VPSNine mentions that users are welcome to mine cryptocurrency through their VPS servers, but they also warn about how the current mining difficulty makes this less than profitable right now. Customers are even welcome to host a game server on the VPS, but VPSNine will not help in setting up these tools–a refreshing open-minded attitude, that much is certain.

It has to be said that VPSNine is a company that deals with a wide variety of different payment methods right now. Bitcoin is supported, as well as traditional options, Western Union, Perfect Money, and a bunch of others. One thing that would make their services even better is DDOS protection, but they may add that in the future.

Reviews of VPSNine are quite positive on the one hand, and very negative on the other. The experience will always differ from user to user. It is possible that some of these reviews may be paid for, as that is a rather common practice in the web hosting world.Trustpilot has very negative ratings for this service, so keep that in mind before purchasing their services.

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