Bitcoin VPS Service Review – VPSBit

VPSBit is one of the companies offering VPS services in exchange for Bitcoin – and other – payments.  The company provides multiple locations to choose from, and their services are priced rather competitively.  All servers come with good connectivity and lots of monthly bandwidth, which creates a very competitive service.

VPSBit has a Free Option Worth Checking Out

Any VPS provider needs to offer servers located all over the world. Customers want to reduce connectivity delays to a bare minimum. In most cases, VPS providers focus on the United States or the United Kingdom, yet VPSBit is doing things differently. A large portion of the servers is located in Europe, whereas the rest is spread out all over the world.

Depending on which server plan customers choose, the monthly price will vary a bit. European VPS servers cost US$10 per month, whereas the Hong Kong counterparts are priced at US$20 per month. At the time of writing, there were no USA VPS servers available, but the company is working on resolving this issue. It is unclear how long it will take until USA servers are available again, though.

The company’s European servers are located in Lithuania, and the cheapest solution comes free of charge. People looking for a one-CPU package with 10GB of space and 512MB of RAM can give the service a try without making a purchase. More expensive servers will set users back US$20 per month, which is in line with other VPS providers.

All plans come with full root access, an option to reinstall the OS remotely, and instant remote reboots. Deployment of the VPS in question should not take all that long either. However, none of the plans include software support, and customers are fully responsible for maintaining the server and all of its associated data.

It appears VPSBit has been around since 2015, with offices located in Lithuania and Hong Kong. The company had plans to enable additional VPS options in multiple countries, yet it seems those plans have not come to fruition yet. Not too much company information can be found on the website, though, which may put off some potential customers.

It is rather difficult to come by a decent review of the BitVPS service, which is somewhat worrying. It is possible the company is not overly popular, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have a bad reputation. With the free solution available for testing, Bitcoin users have nothing to lose when signing up for the company’s services.

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