Bitcoin VPS Service Review – KgoVPS

Web hosting service providers have been of great interest to the Bitcoin community in recent years. A lot of people who are involved in cryptocurrency want to start their own platforms, either for informative purposes or as  genuine business ventures. Paying for a VPS provider with Bitcoin makes a lot of sense in this regard, as it allows them to spend cryptocurrency on a service related to cryptocurrency.

KgoVPS In A Nutshell

As is the case with any VPS provider, there are many different plans to choose from. Depending on the services and requirements one has in mind, the KgoVPS plans range anywhere from US$10 to US$95 per month. The more expensive plans come with quad-core CPUs, 4GB of RAM, and up to one terabyte of monthly bandwidth. This is more than enough for most cryptocurrency-related projects.

VPS providers always pride themselves on offering hosting solutions around the world. This is vital for users in specific regions, as not every part of the world has access to fiber-based broadband internet speeds. In fact, most of mainland China has rather slow internet compared to the Western World, although that situation has been steadily improving over the past few years.

KgoVPS hosts servers in different parts of the world, including Europe, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. These latter two countries, in particular, are unusual, as very few VPS providers seem active in these regions. Most of the VPSes come with a Linux installation, although choosing Widows is also can option for certain areas.

One thing that makes KgoVPS quite appealing is how their business plans offer an option to integrate payment options with an online platform. Bitcoin is one of the accepted payment methods, as well as PayPal and NZ bank transfers. Users can also request additional IPv6 addresses free of charge, which is a nice bonus.

Dedicated servers are also available through KgoVPS, which can be appealing to specific users. All of the three servers come with a 100 Mbit connection and will cost between US$160 and US$250 per month, depending on location. It will take approximately 48-72 hours to set up a dedicated server, which is not super quick but not unusually slow either.

KgoVPS has been accepting Bitcoin payments for quite some time now, and they still do so to this very day. The company has no negative reviews to speak of, which is quite a feat for having been around for so many years. Although their site design may look a bit bland, they seemingly offer good products at an affordable rate. But as always the case,  do your own research before purchasing services from a company for the first time.

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