Bitcoin VPS Service Review – Hostens

More competition in the bitcoin VPS industry will greatly benefit customers. Hostens is a VPS provider that offers incredibly competitive plans with no extra bells and whistles. Moreover, the company does not use “cheap” marketing tactics by making promises they can’t keep in the end. An honest bitcoin VPS provider will always be successful in the long run, and Hostens seems to check all of the right boxes.

Hostens Offers Competitive Plans Without Hidden Drawbacks

When you open the Hostens website, it becomes evident this company is focused on doing one thing right: offering competitive VPS services. Users can select from different plans right away, which is what most people would expect to see when opening the page to begin with. One thing that cannot be ignored is how these plans are priced very competitively, to say the least.

To be more specific, Hostens offers VPS hosting plans starting at just 99 Eurocents per month. Even their most expensive plan costs less than 3 euro per month, assuming users commit to a one-year deal. Other packages for 1, 3 and  6 months are available as well for all hosting options, although the price per month will be slightly higher. That being said, these higher prices are still lower compared to most other VPS providers around the world.

Hostens prides itself on providing an excellent customer service. Once users pay for their VPS plan, the server will be set up in mere minutes after the payment has been completed. This is made possible thanks to the company using enterprise-level hardware with reliability and redundancy in mind. Should any issues arise, customers can always contact the Hostens support team and get their questions answered very quickly.

More importantly, Hostens is one of the most reliable VPS providers in the world today. The company utilizes OpenVZ virtualization to offer stability to all of its customers. This also allows the company to support many different operating systems, offering flexibility to all of their clients. The company’s data center is located in Vilnius, which means any hardware-related issues can be solved rather quickly. Some VPS providers rely on reselling packages, but Hostens is only selling services they have direct control over.

What makes Hostens such an interesting company is how they are not using marketing as one of their main strategies. Several companies promise to offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, yet they will be forced to impose some limitations once customers reach a certain limit. This is not the way business should be run, which is why Hostens is not marketing their service in such a manner. What clients see is what they will get, resulting in a transparent business model with very competitive prices.

Lots of customers have left positive reviews for Hostens as well. People seem to be very satisfied with the services provided by this company. Affordable plans with plenty of customization and flexibility make Hostens a bitcoin VPS provider well worth checking out. It is refreshing to see a company not rely on marketing and using half-empty promises to increase their customer base.

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