Bitcoin VPN Service Review – BlackVPN

BlackVPN is a Virtual Private Network service provider that started accepting Bitcoin payments quite some time ago. They have one of the most compelling websites explaining why VPN solutions are so important in this day and age of government spying. Plus, they offer a three-day trial without a purchase requirement.

An Overview of BlackVPN’s Services

Being tracked while browsing the Internet is becoming the new norm regardless of where one lives. Albeit most people may not be aware of this trend – or care much about it – it is important to use the right tools and mask one’s identity online. Contrary to popular belief, doing so does not make you a criminal, as privacy is an unofficial basic human right.

However, just focusing on privacy doesn’t make BlackVPN different from other VPN providers. Although the company feels privacy is important, they also allow users to unblock censored websites and access streaming services in all parts of the world. Additionally, customers can connect three devices to different servers at the same time without paying extra for this feature.

Using a VPN is of the utmost importance for people who use WiFi hotspots on a regular basis. Hackers target these kinds of hotspots to steal unencrypted data or even infect connected devices with malware and other nefarious tools. With a VPN users can prevent these types of attacks from happening, which justifies the costs of such services almost immediately.

Speaking of the price, BlackVPN offers global packages which can be customized to suit the user’s needs. It is possible to remove privacy VPNs, as well as USA and UK VPNs. Doing so will drive down the price a bit, although the complete package will still offer great value for the price. With 99 euros per year, BlackVPN is one of the more expensive solutions, though.

In exchange for the full price, users will be given access to servers all over the world. Locations include Brazil, Japan, Norway, Russia, and Switzerland, as well as other countries. The company even offers different standard packages, which include access to specific servers. An interesting concept, as it goes to show BlackVPN wants to cater to as many potential customers as possible.

Reviews for BlackVPN are mostly positive, although some users have reported flaky connection performance. It is always possible some VPN servers go through throttling at one point, although that is quite annoying to deal with. Their free trial, not keeping traffic logs, and excellent support make BlackVPN a company well worth considering for any Bitcoin user.

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