Bitcoin VPN Provider Review – IronSocket

The name IronSocket may not ring a bell for most VPN users. That is not surprising, even though the company accepts Bitcoin payments and offers a very powerful service. With a strong focus on accessing streaming services, military grade security, and anonymity, IronSocket is a VPN provider to keep an eye on. But are they worth the monthly or yearly subscription price?

IronSocket Checks Most Of The Right Boxes

It is hard to distinguish oneself as a VPN provider, since the market is quickly becoming saturated in recent years. IronSocket offers a combination of VPN and proxy services, Moreover, the company focuses on the things that matter most to VPN users all over the world, which is a plus.

A lot of people use a VPN service to unblock streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and even Spotify. Although some of these services are available internationally, the vast majority remains geo-restricted. With a VPN service, bypassing those blockades becomes a lot easier, and IroNSocket positions itself as one of the industry leaders in this regard.

To accommodate such a service, the company has applications for every device one can think of. Unlike other VPN providers, their solution also works on Playstation and Xbox consoles, which is rather intriguing. Do keep in mind this involves changing one’s DNS servers, which may not unblock every specific service one wants to access.

But there is more to IronSocket, as the company puts a strong focus on online security. It is unclear if the company logs user traffic or not, but they encrypt all traffic with AES-256 RSA 2048 bit. Some reviews mention how the company is not logging information, although that fact is hard to prove.

IronSocket is competitive in the pricing department, though, as they are one of the cheapest solutions available to bitcoin users. Monthly plans start at US$6.99, and the yearly subscription costs US$49.95. All plans come with full access to all services, regardless of how long in advance it has been paid for.

Reviews for IronSocket are a mix of positive and negative experiences. Setting up the VPN solution can be quite frustrating, as individual files are needed when using the OpenVPN protocol. Mobile devices need to import configuration files for individual servers as well, which is anything but fun. Experienced users will have no issues with this setup processed, but for novice users, they may want to look elsewhere.

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