Bitcoin Technical Analysis for 02/26/2016 – Pressure Accumulating

The pivot zone between $425 & $427 – which I outlined in my last Bitcoin analysis article – is now even more prominent. This price band  has prevented the market from making new highs about eight times since the 23rd of this month.


While not visible on the 4-hour chart, the 1-hour chart reveals an ascending triangle formation, which shows that pressure is accumulating in the market. Price is effectively being pressed against the pivot zone around $425. A violent break seems to be imminent! If price makes it to about $430, then a rally towards the resistance area at $440 becomes very likely.


There aren’t any obvious technical hints as to which way the market is likely to break in the next few days, however, the 4-hour chart is showing a Head & Shoulders formation. If price doesn’t make it above $427 soon, the most likely outcome will be a significant sell-off towards $410.




Disclaimer:  This is not trading/investment advice!

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