Bitcoin startup Ledger to participate in CES 2016

Recent reports indicate that the Smartcard bitcoin hardware wallet known by the name of Ledger will be the only bitcoin startup to participate in the well-known International Consumer Electronics Show 2016 (CES).

For those that do not know, the event encompasses of over 3,600 companies, exhibiting their latest creations, including exiting software, hardware and prototypes.

Over at the event, the team behind the Ledger wallet will showcase their bank and enterprise blockchain-based products, including their original Ledger Bitcoin wallet, alongside with two other projects- Ledger BLUE and Ledger FIDO.

The company received quite a lot of media attention last year, thus convincing mainstream users to become clients as well, due to their robust methods of storing digital currencies. To put things better into perspective, the company offers a smart card, which can be used to store bitcoin and make payments via USB. Together with this, the wallet comes along with a great level of security, achieved with the help of back up procedures, but also a security microchip and a pin code-based encryption system.

The team recently announced that: “Ledger plans to provide with its next Hardware Wallet products standard FIDO implementations with Bitcoin, leveraging on well-established standards and a vibrant ecosystem”.

At CES 2016, the team will exhibit their products under the ‘Cyber and Personal Security’ category. Due to the nature of the products shown, they’re likely to gather quite a lot of media attention once the event begins.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, have you ever used the Ledger wallet? If yes, do you think it deserves to appear at CES 2016? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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