Bitcoin Socks Present Interesting Promotional Medium

Spreading the word on Bitcoin and digital currency is not as easy as many people would like it to be. While there are plenty of people who have heard about digital currency before, they will usually associate it with negative media headlines and how Bitcoin is fake internet money. But a pair of Bitcoin socks might change people’s minds, and pre-orders will be starting soon.

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Grab A Pair of Bitcoin Socks And Spread The Word

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Visual effects will create a long-lasting impression when trying to get a point across, and Bitcoin is no different in that regard. Just talking about Bitcoin is not enough to get people interested, as they need to see it before they will believe it. This can be a bit of a hassle when dealing with a non-tangible medium, though.

This is where a pair of Bitcoin socks can go a long way as it will show people Bitcoin is tangible, in a way. As one would come to expect, the socks will be themed in black and orange, with plenty of Bitcoin logos all over your feet. Quite an interesting concept and such a unique promo tool could help put Bitcoin on the minds of a lot of people.

Kimchi Socks are the ones responsible for bringing this new promo material to Bitcoin and digital currency enthusiasts around the world. It has to be said that a pair of Bitcoin socks is something entirely different from t-shirts or hats. Something so unique can only be seen as a positive trend in the Bitcoin community.

Pre-ordering your pair of Bitcoin socks will be possible very soon, and as one would come to expect, Bitcoin is an available payment method. In fact, for the people who join the Bitcoin Socks website’s mailing list in the next two weeks, a special discount code will be coming their way  Once this discount code has been obtained, users will be able to purchase two pairs of socks at a discounted price.

The Bitcoin Socks design is even featured on the Kimchi Socks front page right now. This platform is best known for letting users submit their own designs for socks, and if deemed acceptable, they will be able to start a campaign to sell the product. Such a concept is very similar to what Teespring has to offer, but then for a different part of one’s body.

Some people might have some questions regarding the design tho. On the side of every sock is a promotional link for the Kimchi Socks website, which might put off some consumers from buying them. Then again, it is hard to advertise your brand when manufacturing socks, other than putting it on the side where people can see it.

Website: Bitcoin Socks

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