Bitcoin Services Expanding To Austria And Thailand

Bitcoin stormed into a number of countries recently overpowering the fiat economy in place and ruling free over many unbanked individuals. With exotic locations such as Thailand part of Bitcoin fever, Austria one of the worlds strongest economies is also in on Bitcoin with over 600 Bitcoin Kiosks dotted around the country.

Bitcoin services

Bitcoinbon announced its service recently as it open up a huge number of Bitcoin kiosks all around Austria. Using a traditional system involving coupons, a user can easily purchase Bitcoins without having to be too technical or have knowledge about the coin.With the service initially starting out in starting out in tobacco shops it is hope at a lower risk people can ease into trying out Bitcoin whilst not having to worry about the volatility in the current markets. The service hopes to expand further and hopes to capitalize on the growing industries booming in Austria. Below is the short description given by the site on how this unique service is set to Bring Bitcoin to the masses in Austria. Using tried and tested systems the business plan for Bitcoinbon is secure as it hopes to secure the future of Bitcoin in Austria.

With Bitcoinbon you can quickly, safely and simply buy Bitcoins. In more than 600 tobacco shops throughout Austria Bitcoinbon is available in the form of paper coupons. These are available in the denominations of 25, 50 and 100 EUR. Once you’ve purchased a Bitcoinbon, you can write to it at any time redeem. The site includes a tutorial on how you proceed step by step, to redeem the Bitcoinbon and send Bitcoins to a wallet.

Bitcoin has also made recent moves in Thailand with the far east country joining a whole host of countries from the area who are slowly moving towards the mass adoption of Bitcoin. is the first site of its kind to offer Bitcoin based services to the citizens of Thailand. The country has seen a growing interest in Bitcoin with the far east rapidly becoming the home of Bitcoin. The site is also back by the Phillipene version, the parent site. Users can easily deposit Bitcoin and sell Bitcoin for fiat direct to a bank account.


This outward movement is the main driving force for mainstream adoption of Bitcoin but there are also various problems associated with this mass adoption.With less than a quarter of companies including Microsoft keeping their Bitcoin revenue the amount dumped on the market is increasing by the day.  However with Kiosks installed at 600 venues in Austria it is hoped that new fiat will continue to flow into the Bitcoin industry further increasing the value of Bitcoin with the increasing demand. There is also a Bitcoin party scheduled in Jamaica with over 70k people attending. As many have already pointed out this may be the birth of 70k new sellers or holders.

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