Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – Unines

It looks like a new cloud mining company pops up every single day. Given the recent Bitcoin block reward halving, and the sheer amount of money required to set up such a company, that is rather surprising. What is not so surprising, however, is how most of these companies are scams. Unines is one of the latest companies in this field, and they fall in the “shady” category for sure.

Unines Will Steal Your Money Sooner or Later

It has to be said; the Unines website looks a lot more legitimate than most other cloud mining ‘companies” in existence right now. With multiple images of mining hardware in action, the design indicates what this company is up to. However, that is about as far as any claims of legitimacy go.

It becomes clear from minute one this company can not be legitimate by any means. By offering a daily return between 1% and 8% for 250 days, it is clear this company will only continue to exist as long as new funds come in. Moreover, there is a 8% referral commission for bringing in new users. To top it all off, this referral scheme works eight levels deep.

The business plan on the website is not telling potential investors much either. All it does is sum up the returns and affiliate commission, without giving any more details as to how the company expects to pay out these amounts.Not instilling any confidence here, especially when taking into account there is zero proof of the used mining hardware as well.

Gaining any insights as to how much is needed to achieve the illuster 8% daily return is difficult as well. The only way to access this information is by signing up for an account first. It would have been helpful to see this information before forcing people to sign up. Then again, this is another example of how unprofessional this “company” really is.

To top it all off, there are various spelling errors on the website. That is not a significant deal breaker for some people, but it highlights the “get rich quick” approach even further. There is no company information on the website nor in the WHOIS records. In fact, the only way to get in touch with Unines is by completing their one form and entering a Capthca.

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