Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – UfoMiners

Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturers are not easy to come by. Despite that common knowledge, various companies claim to offer some lightning fast miners at rather low costs. UFOMiners certainly falls into this latter category, as this company seems to be an outright scam. Moreover, the products listed on their pages raise a lot more questions than they provide answers.

UfoMiners Shows How Not To Do Things

When looking over the Ufominers website, one may almost think he had stumbled upon a new company selling Bitcoin cloud mining. That is not the case, however, as this site was designed to showcase and sell physical Bitcoin miners. Unfortunately, their products are rather dubious at best, and the specs do not seem to add up correctly.

Take a look at their NekrosMiner, for example, which allegedly mines at 85 TH/s. This is quite a decent speed for a miner, although it is an upfront investment of US$4,800 that would be virtually impossible to recover. There is also a pre-installed operating system and mining software, which raises particular red flags regarding compromised devices.

But that is not the most worrying part about this product. For some unknown reason, the “manufacturers” include a 9,000W power supply for this miner. Keeping in mind how the machine requires 0102 Watt per Gigahash/second, it is not hard to see where the number comes from. However, that would make the NekrosMiner one of the least favorable mining devices to host in a home environment.

To put things into perspective, the most energy-efficient Bitcoin miner for consumers is the Antminer S9.  It runs at 14 TH/s and draws just under 1,400W from the wall. UfoMiners claims to offer over five times the speed, which would result in over five times the energy consumption. The numbers somehow make sense, even though there is no 85 TH/s Bitcoin miner available for home consumption right now.

As far as the company information goes, Ufominers is allegedly registered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Looking up that exact location on Google Maps will reveal that this is anything but a place where Bitcoin mining hardware is manufactured or sold. In fact, it appears to be a structure belonging to one of the other companies who use similar addresses.

Looking over the domain registrar information, the domain is registered to UfoMiner LLC, with an address based in New York. However, the fact that an email address was used to register the domain under two weeks ago, does not lend any credibility to this offering whatsoever. Avoid Ufominers at all costs, as you will lose your money otherwise.

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