Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – TInderBTC

Now and then, users can come across a funnily-named company active in the world of cryptocurrency. TinderBTC has nothing to do with dating or adult behavior, as it is all about making a profit on your Bitcoins. The company claims to be a private investment firm, and they use Bitcoin mining – as well as crypto trading – to help members earn money.

TinderBTC Is Not What You Think it Is

Whether or not Bitcoin users decide to put their faith into companies such as TinderBTC, is entirely up to them. It may sound quite appealing to send money to a stranger and expect them to not only pay you back but help make a profit as well. Especially a company active in mining and trading seems to be a good fit for such activities.

The profit plans proposed by TinderBTC are rather disconcerting, though. With a 0.1% hourly profit, users will still earn 2.4% of their investment back every single day. They can even set the investment period in days themselves, which allows for some customization. Compounding profits is an option as well, allowing for insane profits.

To put these numbers into perspective, investing 0.1 Bitcoin for thirty days at 100% compounding will earn users a 0.19870360 BTC return. For those users who feel very bold, investing 1 Bitcoin for 180 days at the same compounding percentage returns 71.39894858 BTC in return. Do keep in mind these are actual numbers, and not estimates.

The big question then becomes as to how TinderBTC expects to realize this potential. One of the questions everyone should ask themselves, is why such a company would help others make so much money. If they pool their own resources, they can earn a killing, and no one would ever know about it.

That being said, TinderBTC has been paying out users so far, and there are very few complaints to be found. It is anybody’s guess as to how long this trend will continue, though. Programs like these will not continue paying out indefinitely, and investing should be done at one’s own risk.

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