Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – Recyclix

Recyclix is a very unusual company dealing with Bitcoin payments. On the surface, the company advertises itself as dealing with waste disposal, which users can invest to earn monthly returns as goods are recycled. However, below the surface one can see this is a rollover matrix scheme that will eventually cause lots of people to lose their money.

Step Away From Recyclix As Fast As You Can

The Polish company does everything they possibly can to make their offering seem legitimate. However, their business model raises a lot of questions immediately. According to the information, Recyclix is active in the disposal recycling business. Moreover, they need additional investment to keep their business growing.

In exchange for this funding, investors will receive a monthly return between 8% and 14%. They will pay out this amount for the lifetime of the account, which is the first major warning sign of what a scam this company is. Bitcoin is one of the accepted payment options, alongside credit card and bank transfer payments. The company FAQ states how any user account can be terminated without prior notice, which is always a troublesome sign.

Albeit the company has a thorough FAQ section where a lot of questions are answered, it is evident Recyclix has nothing to do with waste management  To illustrate this statement, the page mentions how Recyclix receives funding from various investors across the EU. Companies like these would never allow the average person to partake in this program, let alone allow them to earn a profit while doing so.

This FAQ also mentions how long it will take for users to start earning money. All “purchased disposal” is processed based on the individual quote for all project members. To be more precise, the average Recyclix user will need to wait five weeks or more before they will see any money back into their account. It is a clever script to hide the underlying spillover matrix program, but it is still a Ponzi Scheme.

As is the case with any Ponzi Scheme – related to Bitcoin or otherwise – Recyclix offers an affiliate program. Users will earn an undisclosed commission when they invite new members who make an investment. It is always troubling to learn no one knows how much they can earn exactly until they sign up for an account.Moreover, there is zero reason for a legitimate company in this space to accept investments from everyday consumers in the first place.

To make matters worse, Recyclix’s headquarters is a virtual office. Although that is not entirely uncommon, a company with a multi-billion turnover can at least afford some proper offices. The company also dissuades members from withdrawing funds, as doing anything but reinvesting will mean users receive a net loss. After three full cycles, users will only make 3% profit at most, which is far from the 8-14% promised every month. It requires a lot of trust in this company to barely make a profit, and the chance is very real they’ll have run off with your money by then.

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