Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – Razzleton

More and more Bitcoin Ponzi Schemes try to lure in unsuspecting investors by providing investment plans. Razzleton is a company claiming to offer healthcare investment opportunities. With returns ranging from 500% to 5,000%, it is not hard to see this company is looking to take people’s money rather than anything else. Stay away from this company as far as possible.

Do Not Invest In The Razzleton Ponzi

Looking at the Razzleton website, it is not difficult to see people will lose money due to greed. Projected returns are impossibly high, as the shortest investment plan offers a 500% return after just 20 days. Investors will need to look at least US$20, 000 of their own funds, though. Other plans offer equally impossible returns, with minimum deposit amounts starting as low as US$200.

Razzleton positions itself as a healthcare limited company. They want to offer investors the option to participate in a highly profitable business, based on the wholesale distribution of medicine. If there is one market companies do not want the average mainstream investor to meddle in, it is the profitable distribution of medicine. Healthcare companies want high-roller investors, rather than the average person on the street.

Ensuring maximum profit for their users is the alleged priority for Razzleton. However, it is doubtful that is the case, as they would not pay out up to 5,000% returns on investment if that were the case. If they can legitimately make so much money, there’s no reason to share this golden opportunity with anyone else. Instead, companies would continue to reinvest their own profits into these schemes.  

One also has to ask the question how much profit Razzleton can make when other people invest. Considering they claim to repay 5,0000% maximum, this indicates the company makes at least twice that amount. No healthcare investment nets a guaranteed 10,000% return every 90 days. This program is a blatant Ponzi Scheme, and users need to be aware of the danger presented by this platform.

The affiliate program offered by Razzleton will lure people into making others lose money as well. Earnings range from 7% for first-level referrals to 1% for third-level referrals. It is also possible to become a “representative affiliate”, which results in higher earnings. Ponzi Schemes such as Razzleton can only survive as long as fresh capital is coming in, after all.

Another warning sign of how this company will scam people out of their money is how they accept Bitcoin deposits. Additionally, they deal with Perfectmoney, NETELLER, and Payeer payments as well. Rest assured the “latest investors: tab on the site is completely fake, as is their “paid out” list. The domain name for Razzleton was registered in 1995, but it appears someone has been using it to launch a scam site in September of 2016.

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  • Jake Holly

    While I’m all for getting the word out when there’s a scam on the loose, it would be nice if you would st least publish correct information.

    Razzleton offers plans with minimum deposits as little as $10, and their most popular plan doesn’t even require the $200 you mentioned. You can get into that one for half that, and I can attest that they have not failed to pay me yet. My investment with them is currently self- sustaining (meaning I’ve already pocketed my original investment).

    I agree that we’re surely not looking at a long-term thing here, but the only issue I have had is the extra time they need (up to 48 hours) to pay. It’s just a little stressful until the payment clears.

    Do check your facts though before you publish. You gave some wrong info here.

    • Sammy paul

      Razzleton is scam….three months now i can’t withdraw and they keep telling you lies.

  • Ibrohim Azuddin

    if you make a large deposite and have a referral and then they will deleted your account. im deadly serious. i lost my 500$

    • Issa Yahia

      i lost 10000$ im big stupid