Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – HashRev

Cloud mining companies are very easy to come by in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Nearly all of these companies turn out to be complete scams, which is only to be expected. HashRev is one of the companies which will eventually disappear and take a lot of money with them. There are plenty of reasons why people should not invest in HashRev, as they seemingly have no legitimate intentions.

HashRev Is Another Cloud Mining Ponzi Scheme

It is always rather interesting to see how many companies claim they provide cryptocurrency cloud mining. That is pretty surprising, considering setting up such an infrastructure takes a lot of time and costs quite a bit of money. However, despite those obvious requirements, virtually everyone sells cloud mining these days. As long as money comes in users will get paid, but once funds dry up these sites will disappear.

HashRev claims to be the fastest Bitcoin cloud mining company in the world. That is a very bold claim which can’t be backed up by any credible evidence whatsoever. In fact, this “company” does not provide any evidence they have any mining hardware whatsoever. Without such solid evidence, there is no reason to believe HashRev can provide investors with any form of returns whatsoever. It is not hard to put up some images or a video, but this company isn’t even taking these measures.

As we expect from Bitcoin cloud mining Ponzi schemes, users will start earning money once they sign up. Unfortunately, HashRev does not provide any information as to what type of mining contracts they provide, unless users sign up. That is a rather common practice among scam sites these days, as they are not known for their transparency whatsoever.

It appears HashRev also has an affiliate program in place. Users will earn 0.02 Bitcoin for every user they bring to the platform. Such a  fixed amount is rather strange, even in the world of cloud mining scams. It appears users can only earn money once they become an actual investor, though, which further indicates HashRev has no legitimate intentions whatsoever.

It is one of the first times we see a Bitcoin cloud mining company not registered in the United Kingdom. Although HashRev has no official company registration number, they list the address on the website. This particular address does not seem to exist, as Google Maps redirects you to the Adams Street Community Center. Once again, another sign HashRev does not run a mining operation whatsoever.

Companies such as HashRev can be found in abundance all over the internet. They claim to provide legitimate services, yet there is no evidence of the necessary hardware being in place whatsoever.  Avoid companies such as HashRev, as you will lose your money by parting with your bitcoins. This is another scam site which will disappear sooner or later, without further warning or explanation.

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