Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – Hashminers

It appears yet another cloud mining scam has appeared on the bitcoin scene. To be more specific, Hashminers likes to position itself as a cloud mining company, even though it has all of the traits of a HYIP Ponzi scheme. With users earning hourly returns, it is evident Hashminers will not be around for that long. Do not invest in this company if you want to keep money safe.

Hashminers Is Not Mining Nor Investing

It is evident from the Hashminers website this company has no legitimate plans whatsoever. Even though the company sounds like it is a mining operation, their hourly investment return scheme has all of the traits of a HYIP. A company claiming to offer fixed daily – or hourly – returns need to be avoided, as they will eventually run off with your money. Hashminers will not be different in this regard.

What is even more strange is how Hashminers claims all deposits will be valid for the lifetime of users’ accounts. Considering investors can earn between 3.12% and 7.68% every day, they stand to gain a lot of money from this company, assuming they survive long enough. Then again, the minimum investment amount for this Ponzi scheme is 0.001 Bitcoin, which may sway some people’s mind to give them a try.

As one would expect from such a shady company, there is no evidence of how they intend to make money on behalf of investors. Even their FAQ doesn’t mention their actual business activity, other than vaguely referring to being a “representative of the international computer technology market”. To put this into perspective, investors are not dealing with a company, nor with any business operations. It is evident someone wants to scam users and take their bitcoins, there is not much more to it.

Moreover, Hashminers has been yet another bitcoin Ponzi scheme registered in the United Kingdom. Anyone who has been keeping tabs on our coverage of scam sites may have noticed a lot of these companies present a document showing they are an official UK business. Never be fooled by these tricks, as it is very inexpensive to obtain such a document. They have no value in terms of validating any claims made by a company offering bitcoin investment opportunity.

The statistics found on the website should be ignored as well. Hashminers claims to have 1,958 active users who invested 42 Bitcoin. That is rather surprising for a company that has only launched earlier this week. Moreover,  it would also indicate most of their users are only investing very small amounts. However, once no new money comes in, it is doubtful they will continue paying out.

No one will be surprised to learn the WHOIS information for this domain has been obscured. Even though Hashminers lists their company address on the website, they prefer to keep the details hidden from anyone looking up their domain name in the WHOIS database. Another validation the company’s address has nothing to do with Hashminers. Stay away from this company or you will end up losing money rather quickly.

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