Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – HashFlash

HashFlash is a company that claims to offer investors lifetime returns which will eventually earn them significant profits. This has all of the clear signs of a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme, and it is evident HashFlash will run off with people’s money sooner or later. Paying out such ridiculously high amounts of money every day can’t be sustained forever, that much is certain.

HashFlash Will Fade Away Soon

Looking at the HashFlash website, it is not hard to see this platform will run off with people’s money sooner rather than later. Any company claiming to pay out users forever is already very shady. In this particular case, HashFlash will pay out people between 11% and 15% of their original investment every single day. Such a business model can’t be sustained for long, as the money will eventually run out.

HashFlash allegedly only launched about a week ago, which means they should be seeing some significant losses already. After all, it “only” takes 20 bitcoin to invest in their 15% daily forever plan, which would result in the company paying back 105% of that investment as of today. Five percent of 20 bitcoin is one full bitcoin the company owes an investor as profit. While that number may seem appealing, it is doubtful anyone has successfully made a profit from this platform so far.

To top it all off, HashFlash is also offering a very lucrative affiliate program. The commission can be earned three levels deep, ranging from 7% for top level referrals to 1% for level 3 referrals. Adding such vast amounts on top of the 11%-15%, the company is supposed to pay out to users every day, it is evident they cannot make money through legitimate means. Instead, they will stop paying out once they collected enough money from investors. It should not take long for that situation to materialize, though.

It is unclear how HashFlash makes money in the first place. The FAQ on the site mentions several UK-based data centers, even though the company is not actively progressing in this venture. Instead, it appears they are switching to hosting mining farms, even though that will not generate such vast profits for investors by any means. In the end, there is no proof of this company is making any money, hence it must be a Ponzi Scheme looking to defraud bitcoin investors.

It will hardly come as a surprise to find out HashFlash is registered as an official business in the United Kingdom. This has been a recurring theme for quite some time now, and it is doubtful this situation will change anytime soon. For some reason, these Ponzi schemes don’t mind paying a few quid to get an official document ensuring their company is registered. This does not grant these companies any legitimacy, though, that much is certain.

What makes the whole ordeal even more ridiculous is how the FAQ mentions investors can “definitely not” lose their money. The company guarantees all profits, which is a rather unusual statement. It would appear the opposite is true, as very few investors will “definitely” see their money back, let alone make a profit. Stay away from HashFlash if you want to retain control over your bitcoin funds, otherwise you run the very real risk of throwing away money.

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