Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – GoldFinanceCorp

Any company offering an hourly return to investors should never be trusted. It is just impossible to provide a guaranteed hourly restitution of any investment to a user unless their deposit is not being spent at all. Moreover, if no funds come in from other investors, the question becomes how companies such as GoldFinanceCorp can even hope to survive.

GoldFinanceCorp Promises 125% Returns After 5 hours

The number of legitimate Bitcoin investment opportunities is fairly limited, and the returns are not necessarily spectacular either. In most cases, a 20% ROI  per year is an acceptable rate, unless one ventures into the lending business. GoldFinanceCorp, on the other hand, guarantees investors 125% returns after just five hours, which is impossible to achieve.

But there is more, as their other investment plans can see a return as high as 1,200% after ten days. It would be rather strange to go for this plan, as investors could invest into other plans and reinvest their earnings to ensure a higher return. Then again, this mathematics are not always designed to make sense.

GoldFinanceCorp was only launched today, according to the website, which is rather interesting. Among the accepted deposit, methods are Bitcoin, Perfectmoney, and Payeer, all three of which have non-refundable transfers. All of the platform members will be eligible for an 11% referral commission as well, which only makes things look even more worrisome.

It is slowly becoming a trend to see these companies listing a company registration number. In the case of GoldFinanceCorp, their number is 09975305, which belongs to Slush Bitcoin Limited. Interestingly enough, this company has filed one statement of capital in January of 2016, although nothing significant is found in that document.

Looking at the WHOIS information for the GoldFinanceCorp domain, it is hard to tell if this belongs to the Slush Bitcoin Limited company since all of the information is Whoisguard protected. The domain was only created two days ago, though, which does not lend any further credibility to this company by any means.

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