Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – Global Cash Coin

Bitcoin Ponzi Schemes are very easy to come by these days, and some of these programs succeed in tricking a lot of people into investing. Global Cash Coin is one of those programs that offers investors intriguing returns, but their ligitimacy seems doubtful. Even though their investment returns are somewhat acceptable, any program that offers fixed returns should be avoided.

Global Cash Coin Should Not Be Trusted

Investment plans are the prime reason why Ponzi Schemes attract a lot of victims over time. Global Cash Coin offers some intriguing investment schemes, although it remains to be seen if they will still be around in a  few weeks from now. The smallest package requires people to deposit anywhere from U$10 to US$750 in Bitcoin, for which they will receive 1% to 1.20% interest.

This particular investment scheme runs for a total of six months and offers users another 12% monthly return for the rest of their life once the package expires–a very strange way of conducting business, to say the least.  Interest rates somewhat make sense, but offering 12% monthly after the 6-month period has expired is very unusual and reeks of a scam.

The other two plans offer slightly higher interest rates, and their lifetime monthly return percentage varies between 15% and 18%. Do keep in mind that all plans require users to lock up their funds with the company for six months, which is quite a lengthy period of time. But how does Global Cash Coin expect to pay interest on deposits, let alone the impossible monthly returns once the investment has expired?

According to their About us page, Global Cash Coin specializes in the trading and exchanging of cryptocurrencies. This sounds legitimate on paper, yet it begs the question of why their investment packages are labeled as “Miner” investments. These sorts of contradictions should immediately raise flags for anyone even contemplating to make an investment in this company.

Looking at the company registration information, it seems even less plausible to assume that Global Cash Coin is legitimate. Even though they have a company address listed on the website,  this looks nothing like the office building for a company claiming to be involved in Bitcoin investing and trading.

It is evident that Global Cash Coin is nothing but a company looking to steal your Bitcoins. Forcing users to commit to a six-month investment is not a good way of presenting a legitimate investment opportunity. Users should be able to pull out funds at any given time, yet this company doesn’t allow it. Avoid Global Cash Coin at all costs.

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