Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – Forex Work

Some of the scam sites in the Bitcoin world are taking the more clever approach, albeit that does not mean they are any more legitimate. Forex Work is an interesting platform, even though it is easy to see their HYIP template being used. Moreover,their investment plans offer ridiculous returns, none of which is worth investing money in.

Forex Work Is Another Bitcoin Scam Waiting To Collapse

Looking at the Forex Work website, one might almost believe this company can be legitimate. They are certainly using one of the more “professional” HYIP templates available in the world today. However, they are still going to run off with people’s money, regardless of the design being used.

For a company that started out less than one month ago, they claim to have processed US$2.4 billion in withdrawals so far. It goes without saying those numbers are fake, and should not be taken seriously by any means. It is also baffling how a company that started out on May 26 can be running for fifty days on June 15th. Perhaps there is some time warp event I have missed, but that is just not possible for us regular humans.

The investment plans offered by Forex Work are not lending any credibility either, as the return rates are ridiculous. Rates will vary a lot, depending on how much funds one decides to invest. The “worst” plan pays users 3% daily for 80 days, resulting in a 240% return. On the other hand, their highest-paid plan returns 1,550% after 25 days. Impossible to achieve, unless one can rob a bank on a whim’s notice.

It has to be said; Forex Work does not target Bitcoin users specifically. The platform accepts other payment options as well, none of which have the option to allow for refunds. Once payments are made to the Forex Work platform, the money is gone, and users are at the mercy of the platform owners to see their money back.

There is no information about the company to be found on the website, which is not a complete surprise. Looking over at the WHOIS records, there is some information to be found. Apparently, the domain is owned by one Dominic Holmes living in London. It is possible the domain has been purchased with a stolen credit card, though.

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