Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – EnterCrypto

The number of companies claiming to offer cryptocurrency investments continues to grow exponentially every month. Unfortunately, most of these programs are nothing more than Ponzi Schemes, which will eventually cease to pay out earnings. EnterCrypto falls into the latter category, as there is no way this company can be around for much longer.

Stay Away From The EnterCrypto Scam

Bitcoin Ponzi Schemes are not overly difficult to spot, as they usually offer higher than normal returns. EnterCrypto offers up to 10% daily returns, with investors earnings as much as 0.416% every hour. However, it is unclear how the company earns money to begin with, as they never unveil these specific details.

Judging by the images on the EnterCrypto main page it seems they are involved in some Bitcoin cloud mining scheme. If that is the case, the company fails to provide any evidence regarding their mining rigs. To the untrained eye, this may not seem overly significant, but rest assured the company will run off with your money sooner rather than later.

In the company FAQ, the company mentions how the earnings are “completely legal”. A rather unusual statement, as they do not disclose how money is earned on behalf of users. All the team mentions is how they invest deposits into “other programs” and share the revenue with investors. This indicates EnterCrypto has found a magical way to earn over 10% of an investment back every single day.

But what makes EnterCrypto an obvious scam is how they offer 10% daily returns for the lifetime of an account. Over the course of one month, any investor would earn three times the original investment back. Such rates are outrageous and impossible to achieve, as no legitimate trading opportunity can provide such returns on a long-term basis.

As one would expect from a Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme, EnterCrypto offers an appealing affiliate program as well. Every referral who invests into this scam will earn the referrer 15% commission. Quite a good amount of money, although it is baffling how anyone thinks receiving 5% of someone else’s deposit is even remotely legitimate.

EnterCrypto is another Bitcoin company registered in the United Kingdom. It appears all of these scams obtain a UK company registration number, simply because that is very easy to do. But that doesn’t mean EnterCrypto is a legitimate company. In fact, Bitcoin users should steer clear of this platform, otherwise, they risk losing their money.

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