Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – CryptoBusinessWorld

A lot of bitcoin Ponzi schemes make people believe their offering is legitimate. This is part of the reason why these scams are so successful, although users are smartening up and are trying to avoid HYIP schemes. CryptoBusinessWorld has been getting some traction lately, even though their plans are anything but legitimate. It is best users avoid this platform altogether.

Do Not Invest Money in CryptoBusinessWorld

While this particular bitcoin HYIP scam has a nice website design, it is anything but a professional operation. Any program offering different investment plans for users to take advantage of need to be scrutinized. CryptoBusinessWorld is an obvious Ponzi scheme that will only pay out as long as new capital is coming in. Unfortunately for them, that revenue stream may dry up a lot sooner than anticipated.

CryptoBusinessWorld is one of those bitcoin HYIP scams focusing on plans with daily earnings. Most people know there is no way for anyone to guarantee fixed returns on a daily basis. This is not possible in the financial sector and it will certainly not work in the world of volatile cryptocurrencies. Anyone claiming otherwise is lying through their teeth.

CryptoBusinessWorld investors can earn anywhere from 3% to 9% per day. While three percent may seem manageable, nine percent is simply ludicrous. There is also a plan to earn 20% weekly for one full year, resulting in a 1,040% return of investment. Bigger numbers will always entice novice users to make an investment sooner or later, yet no one should fall for these tricks by any means. There is no way anyone can provide such returns in a legitimate manner.

If that isn’t enough to prove this platform is a scam, look at the referral commission users can earn. CryptoBusinessWorld users can earn 8% commission from level one referrals, 4% from level 2 and 2% from level 3. Once again, these numbers are extremely unrealistic. If one of your referrals invested US$500 worth of bitcoin as a level 1 referral, the affiliate will earn US$40. A very high amount considering the company would need to repay at least 3% of the original investment back every single day.

Another dead giveaway of CryptoBusinessWorld being a scam is how they accept the traditional payments involved in HYIP scams. Bitcoin is accepted, of course, as are Payeer and Perfect Money. All three of these payment methods have irreversible transactions, making them a perfect solution for people looking to defraud others. It is not hard to see why platforms like these can’t be trusted with your money.

As one would expect, the business is registered as a company in the United Kingdom. The registration number is legitimate, although it takes little to no effort to get such a number. The address listed on the site does not resemble the home of a business that will help others make money by any means. Keep your money safe and don’t fall for these cheap HYIP scams.

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