Bitcoin Scam Risk Warning – BTCForte

Whenever a company advertises itself as ‘mining your Bitcoin today,” it becomes clear they have less than honest intentions. BTCForte is a relatively new Bitcoin cloud mining company, albeit there are serious doubts regarding them being legitimate. Even though they have a few demo videos up on their website, none of them are created by the company.

BTCForte Looks Very Dubious At Best

TheMerkle_Bitocin Scam Warning BTCForte

Looking at the BTCForte website itself, one would almost think they opened the web page. A lot of information has been copied and pasted onto the BTCForte page, explaining what Bitcoin is and how the mining process works. That also means there is zero information regarding pricing, ROI, or mining hardware used on the website.

One thing potential customers would like to know is how much they will pay, and what type of ROI they can expect. BTCForte does not provide either of these details until you sign up. Professional companies would be transparent in this regard, and entice users to create an account, even if they don’t become paying customers. This platform, however, does none of that.

It is also very difficult to find any information about this company regarding their product. There is no official thread on any major Bitcoin forum unless one counts Forum Bitcoin Indonesia among them. Even after signing up, it does not become clear how this company works exactly. Users will need to deposit funds, and they will start receiving payouts automatically.

The affiliate program offered by this company is not looking all that impressive either. There is no fixed affiliate commission by the look of things, and no explanation as to how this works. Plus, users have to earn at last 0.5 Bitcoin in affiliate commission before they can withdraw the funds.

All in all, BTCForte is a far cry from a professional website, to say the least. The company is not transparent by any means and fails to provide basic information as to how much its users will earn. There are also no reviews to be found about this company, and Bitcoin users should steer away from them at all cost.

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