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Plenty of consumers are looking to spend Bitcoin on everyday purchases, although that is not always possible. Major online platforms such as Amazon do not deal with Bitcoin payments for the time being, although there are third-party shopping services which will help out with this process. Although there are legitimate services for this purpose, some of them might be a bit more suspicious than others.

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Third-party Shopping Services Are Not Always Legitimate

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Surprisingly enough, there are not all that many third-party shopping services allowing users to spend Bitcoin and buy whatever item they might be looking for. Services such as are great for Amazon shopping, but not if you do not live in the United States, unfortunately. International platforms are a bit harder to come by these days.

One of the third-party shopping services a lot of people have taken a liking to is All4BTC, just because they work on a global scale. As long as the merchant can ship the item to your doorstep, All4BTC will make the purchase on your behalf and have it shipped to your door. There is a minor fee associated with this process, though, but it is acceptable for most people.

Now and then, a new third-party shopping service provider will pop up, although not all of these companies are necessarily legitimate. One bitcointalk topic in particular – about a company called BTCnPay – has been causing quite a stir among community members in recent weeks.

While it is refreshing to see these types of companies offer a free sample to prove their legitimacy to users, there is also a concern as to whether or not they can make good on those claims. Several people had responded to this offer, yet for some reason, one random member was picked, regardless of what time he posted at.

Moreover, some people are wondering whether or not the plan was to collect personal information on potential users – including name and address – as it seems unlikely the offer was genuinely open to all members. That being said, this may have just been a communication error, rather than genuine intent to mislead users.

Users need to be wary of these services at all times, though, as it is hard to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent services until proper reviews start showing up. So far, BTCnPay has none of those, and Bitcoin enthusiasts should avoid spending a lot of money on this platform to error on the side of caution.

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