Bitcoin Rebounds Sharply as Coronavirus Crisis Rampage Continues

During the coronavirus crisis, investors continue to look for safe stores of value. Although Bitcoin and other crypto assets lost tremendous value, they are also rebounding strongly while other markets continue to struggle.

Financial markets all over the world continue to struggle all over the world.

Bitcoin Remains a Prominent Investment Option

Stocks, precious metals, bonds, and treasuries, are all trying to rebound.

Last week, or even the past two weeks, haven’t been kind to these markets by any means.

Cryptocurrencies fall into the same category, although they bounce back quicker and stronger.

Now that most markets appear to be improving, the demand for proper investments is rising again.

Rather than looking at traditional options, crypto assets cannot be overlooked.

In fact, the past few days have shown how resilient Bitcoin really is.

This momentum will not go by unnoticed for much longer.

Beyond Bitcoin, some other crypto assets are moving up rapidly as well.

They mainly rely on Bitcoin’s momentum, however, thus they may not make for good long-term investments right now.

Even the CIX100 is outperforming traditional markets in early 2020.

That further confirms the investment potential cryptocurrencies have during the coronavirus crisis..

Ensuring that this situation remains favorable, is a different matter altogether.

As long as central banks keep printing money, things will keep looking up for Bitcoin.