Bitcoin Ransomware Education – Satan

Bitcoin ransomware continues to make a lot of headway these past few months. Some of these malware types have a very intriguing name, such as Satan ransomware. While the name may sound like a joke, rest assured this malicious software will cause serious problems for computer users all over the world. Moreover, this malware has quite an intriguing backstory people should be aware of.

Satan Ransomware Spawns Minions From Malware Hell

Over the past month and a half, the Satan ransomware has proven to be quite an intriguing concept. Security researchers are quite concerned about this bitcoin ransomware type, as there is a lot more to this toolkit than just having a “fancy” name. Cyber criminals have often used the religious theme to dub their creations, and the Satan bitcoin ransomware seems to be no different at first glance.

That is where most people would be sorely mistaken, unfortunately, as the Satan malware family is quite intriguing. Although the ransomware component does all of the usual tricks – encrypting files and demanding a bitcoin ransom – it is also an online crimeware service. As the name suggests, online crimeware services allow other criminals to make use of an existing toolkit in exchange for a payment.

Ransomware-as-a-service is the next logical step in the evolution of malware as a whole. Satan ransomware projects itself as a gateway for criminals looking to make money by distributing the malware. All of the bitcoin funds paid by the victims will be credited to the affiliate distributing the ransomware, yet they will only earn a 30% commission from this activity

What makes this Satan crime-as-a-service so powerful is how it provides criminals with a working ransomware sample. Additionally, distributors can set their own price and payment conditions. This latter aspect is quite intriguing as it will spell disaster for people who get infected by this bitcoin malware in the future. Some affiliates may charge a higher fee compared to others, which would shake up the crimeware business in spectacular fashion.

Users are required to sign up for an account before they can make use of this ransomware-as-a-service, though. However, once they do so, it is possible to start generating bitcoin ransomware samples within seconds. Criminals can set their own multiplier, a note, and even which proxy to use as a gateway. To top it all off, the platform will generate additional supporting files that lets anyone execute their distribution attack immediately. A very powerful service, that much is certain.

The name “Satan ransomware” is aptly chosen in this regard. The platform acts as a gateway to hell where new minions can be spawned who must contribute a bounty to the Lord of Hell. The platform is so much bigger than just a new type of ransomware users to deal with, as it can create different types of offspring with relative ease. Anyone making use of this service will be hunted down by law enforcement agents, though, as deliberately distributing malware isĀ illegal in most global jurisdictions.

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