Bitcoin Ransomware Education – CrptXXX

Bitcoin ransomware families are plentiful, which is what makes them incredibly dangerous. In some cases, different types of ransomware will have a similar name, which causes some confusion. CrptXXX is a type of malware that should not be confused with CryptXXX, even though both types of malicious software work towards a similar goal. CrptXXX is quite a powerful type of malware, although it can be removed with relative ease.

CrptXXX Does A Few Nasty Things

Most people are well aware of how ransomware works. This malicious software encrypts all files on the computer, gives them a random file extension, and forces users to pay a ransom in bitcoin to restore file access. However, certain types of malware have proven to be quite more potent than others, as its developers bring additional features to the table. After all, why only encrypt data when there is much more havoc to wreak?

In the case of CrptXXX, the ransomware does a few different things. Granted, in adds the.crptxxx extension to all encrypted files. Moreover, once this payload is active on a computer, it can modify all accessible files with relative ease. This allows users to retain some level of control over the machine so they can pay the ransom. Neither of these features is out of the ordinary, as those are the basic functions of any malware strain in existence.

What CrptXXX does differently is how it also allows the ransomware developer to gain remote control over the computer as long as the files remain encrypted. This gives criminals backdoor access to the device in question, which allows them to copy any file from the computer and make it their own. Through a dedicated Trojan component, CrptXXX victims can be spied upon at any given time, which is quite a troubling thought.

Speaking of which, information harvesting is what makes CrptXXX even more dangerous compared to most other types of malware. Downloading key settings, recording account credentials, and even stealing personal files is just a few of the possibilities. However, the bread and butter remains infected files and demanding a bitcoin ransom to have file access restored. With a variable ransom demand, CrptXXX developers are always looking for their next big score.

Distribution of CrptXXX is what one would expect from similar campaigns these days. Email spam, pirated content downloads, and infected software installers are the three most common distribution methods for CrptXXX. Additionally, it is possible to infect victims with this payload through direct attacks in the form of exploit kits or vulnerability testing frameworks. So far, CrptXXX is believed to have caused quite a bit of damage, although a solution has been provided to remove the malware completely without paying the bitcoin ransom.

Unlike most other types of ransomware, CrptXXX does not appear to delete the shadow volume copies. This allows users to restore files from a previous data backup. That is quite a relief to most people who had to deal with this ransomware in the past, as there is nothing more disturbing than losing valuable files due to a malware attack. Always back up important computer files on a regular basis, as one never knows when that backup may come in handy.

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