Bitcoin mining firm BitFury involved in lawsuit with ex CFO

Recent reports indicate that Bitcoin mining firm, BitFury has been hit by a lawsuit coming from its former chief financial officer (CFO), Mikhail Golomb.

Court documents point out that the lawsuit was initially filed in April, when Golomb alleged that he was fired improperly by the company, in such a way that BitFury wouldn’t be needed to award him 2% of the business, as a form of equity compensation.

Newly pulled files indicate that the bitcoin mining company is valued in excess of $500m, which means that the shares owed are worth around $10m.

Together with this, Golomb has accused the company of denying him compensation for unused vacation time and bonuses, but also of contractual severance. The former CFO who earned $240,000 for his position is looking forward to a jury trial, where he would like to obtain damage compensations of $10,000 alongside with the afferent attorney fees.

Golomb’s resume mentions that he has served in the company’s board of directors, but that he was also the head of BitFury’s office in San Francisco.

In its official response, BitFury stated that Golomb’s performance was deemed as unsatisfactory, and that he was also fired due to possible ‘abusive and fraudulent conduct towards the company’s employees’. BitFury’s legal counsel Varun Gupta told press that “As a company, we intend to fight this case vigorously. We think it without merit,”

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you think about these allegations? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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