Bitcoin Mentioned In Wizz Air Magazine

Bitcoin has been sparking the imagination of both consumers and businesses all over the world in recent years. Accepting the digital currency as a payment method opens up exciting opportunities for global commerce, at no cost and without requiring additional infrastructure. Particularly for airlines, Bitcoin could hold a lot of potential value, and Wizz Air seems to think along those lines as well.

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Wizz Air Mentions Bitcoin 

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While there is no official announcement regarding the integration of Bitcoin payments by Wizz Air, the European airline did refer to the popular digital currency in a recent edition of their magazine. Bitcoin Coffee is the world’s first espresso bar where Bitcoin is the only form of accepted payment, and they deserve an honorable mention in the magazine of any European airline.

Finding this location is not all this difficult, as Bitcoin Coffee is located in Prague, Czech Republic. Keeping in mind how Wizz Air is one of Europe’s many airlines, Prague is one of their many destinations. As airlines promote various places travellers can visit, it is always worthwhile to list something entirely different from the traditional offerings.

As we reported on in an earlier article, Bitcoin Coffee is not just a regular coffee place. Project manager Boris Kalisky mentioned how the building itself is very spacious, and offers plenty of room for people looking for a workplace away from home, but with plenty of comforts at their disposal. Coworking environments are becoming a new trend, and combined with Bitcoin; Bitcoin Coffee is a future hub for all types of innovation.

What makes Bitcoin Coffee even more interesting for Wizz Air traveler sis how the location removes the mental barriers between customers and personnel. While there are always staff members present at the site, it is impossible to distinguish them from freelancers, tourists, or anyone else. Removing the traditional way of staff clothing makes Bitcoin Coffee a more inviting place for people in Prague.

But that is the only reference to be found in the recent Wizz Air magazine, as the airline went to great length to explain the concept of Bitcoin as well. While the explanation is only a few lines long, it does express everything people need to know to get interested in the digital currency. Plus, they also distinguished between various Bitcoin use cases, including payments, e-shopping, and money transfers.

While such a small mention might not seem significant to most people, Wizz Air served over 1.5 million passengers in January of 2016. Not everyone will read the magazine during their flight, but even if only a handful of them do, they might start to grow interest in Bitcoin over the next few months.  Any form of positive advertising will be beneficial to the digital currency ecosystem as a whole.

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