Bitcoin is Retiring

Legendary review of the crypto market, who will replace the legend in 2018

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In the cryptocurrency market there was an event, long and eagerly awaited by all participants of the cryptocurrency industry, from representatives of exchanges, to buyers and sellers. Independent analytical Agency BitTelelgraf INC published a fresh review in the form of a rating, which included the most promising ICO projects that are in positive dynamics, and promising to show maximum growth in the next two years.

The high demand for news from BitTelelgraf INC. Is largely due to the fact that their past forecast data on the digital currency market DASH, Ethereum (ETH) and Monero has been fully confirmed. In 2017, the ETH rate rose from $ 8 in January to $ 470 in early December. Now Ethereum is already about 860 dollars. The cost of 1 DASH over the same period has risen almost 137 times (!), from $ 11 to $ 1,499, and the Monero rate rose from $ 13 to $ 360, an increase of more than 27 times in just a year.

Experts expect that in the current situation, the data of the new rating from BitTelelgraf INC, indicating the upward trend of the cryptocurrency of a number of ICO projects, will significantly adjust the market, contributing to their purchase. Given the fact that today the market includes a large number of new entrants, the upward trend will continue in 2018 and 2019. According to analysts for the current year, the three leaders will look as follows:

Tkeycoin DAO is an international decentralized platform that allows implementing intelligent solutions for any sphere of economic activity. The platform consists of a payment system, marketplace and platform for developers. Cryptocurrency project will be able to pay for any goods or services from the phone, even in offline boutiques. The project is preparing its multi-blockchain TBP Protocol, which mathematically proved the ability to process up to 500,000 transactions per second.

Market experts predict further growth of TCD assets 137 times in the next 6 months after the ICO and with a possible increase to $453 at the end of the year. The asset will be interesting in the long term.

Crowd Machine is a platform for creating decentralized applications. It focuses on developing a technology to build applications without coding and to run them using decentralized computing power. Any user can contribute to these computing power using their device, which performs calculations for decentralized or blocking applications, while the user receives a reward from the tokens of the project.

In the next 3-4 years, 10-20% of decentralized platforms will be created on the basis of their platform, where the price of cryptocurrency will be fixed at$400-500.

Epc Coin is a peer-to-peer electronic money system based on cryptography. This is a kind of digital cash that can be used to make a payment or any cash transactions around the world. EPC Coin is specially designed for online gaming and entertainment.

According to the expert, the increase in the rate of Epc Coin will be able to add up to $70 for the next 9 months, after 12 months, the price will rise to $120 and will remain at the level.

Leading market players appreciate the review ICO projects from BitTelelgraf INC as deserving utmost trust and attention. Interest in the rating adds the fact that in its preparation was conducted a deep study of the dynamics of high-tech platforms with decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies, not tied to capital, and therefore having an unlimited market. In these platforms there are no restrictions on the directions of exchange, and, consequently, the investment returns on them, as well are almost unlimited.